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"Dan is the best thing we have going in Michigan. Dan was instrumental in the process of securing D1 lacrosse spots for my two sons. Not only is his vast knowledge of the game and the entire nationwide lacrosse ecosystem impressive, he is also easy to work with. Dan is straightforward and realistic with the advice he provides. He does not blow smoke; his evaluations are not sugar coated but meant to improve a players’ game and will provide them with the best opportunity for success if followed. 


Dan’s commitment to my sons did not stop with LOI signing.  He continued to offer my son, Josh, support throughout his four year career at Providence College in the Big East, even attending games on the East Coast. Dan continues to work with my younger son Ben who transferred from UMBC in the American East league to the University of Michigan. Dan went to bat for Ben and it was clear that Dan is well respected and a key opinion leader for lacrosse in terms of Michigan talent. "

Dr. John and Emily Keller

Player: Josh Keller - Kent School / Providence 

Ben Keller - EGR / UMBC / University of Michigan

“Dan has been my son’s coach since middle school. His passion for the game and his players is simply unmatched. Dan takes a special interest in each player, and pushes them to become the best they can be, both on and off the field. Practicing and playing with the best players from around the state gave us a tremendous advantage come game time. Lawson respects Dan not only as a coach, but as a friend. I am certain that Lawson would not be the player he is today, and will continue to be at Amherst, without Dan Catzere as his mentor and coach. Dan continues to be an integral part of Lawson’s life, checking in with him and our family regularly. Thanks DCat!!”

Dana Brophy

Player: Lawson Brophy – Cranbrook School / Amherst

“Our son played on several different travel lacrosse teams over the years. The best experience we had was while associated with Coach Catzere's teams. Our son ultimately was recruited by several D1 programs. Our advice to ambitious young lacrosse players is to find a club that has a strong emphasis on getting better and that means practice. Coach Catzere's programs provide more practice opportunities and typically attract the best talent. Playing and practicing with like-minded kids in any competitive environment improves development immensely.  When the time came for our son to showcase his talents out east, he was ready. And so was the team; we made the finals in three straight events and won the Sweetlax Invitational. Coach took an active role in the recruiting process and was a great source of counsel. We could not be happier with how things worked out for our Son and we give Coach Catzere a lot of the credit.”

Ralph Schiller

Player: Davis Schiller – Cranbrook School / Air Force

“Navigating travel sports is never easy. But Dan gets it. His focus isn’t about having the most teams at a tournament. Their goal is to take coachable players and make them better and put together competitive teams.  Then go out and play against some of the best players in the sport! Their track record  and reputation over the years speaks for itself.

Second, they understand the other intangibles that schools are looking for in student athletes... grades, character and relationships.  Because of his experience, Dan can provide guidance to help your son achieve his goals and also match them up with schools that are a good fit. Bottom line, these guys can flat-out coach and will get the most out of their players.”

Tim English

Player: Patrick English – Forest Hills Central / Marquette University

“We just wanted to thank Dan Catzere and his staff for the professionalism they showed us while we were in their program.  They trained, coached and had the players compete at the highest levels. They would reach out to the boys off-season to discuss goals and see how they were doing personally and academically.  Personal interest and attention to their players is what helped my son grow and reach the highest levels of high school and college lacrosse. Any player going into this program will come out being a far better one.”

Michele Dalmaso

Player: Dante Dalmaso – Culver Academies / Army West Point

“We have had the privilege of having Dan coach both of our boys for several years. Andrew is now a sophomore playing at Hope College and James is a junior at the Hill Academy.  In addition to being a fine coach, Dan possess in great measure both honesty and integrity. He has been a positive influence on our boys both on and off the field. It is without reservation we happily endorse Dan and his lacrosse program.”

Dr. Steven and Melissa Conlon

Players: Andrew Conlon – East Grand Rapids / Hope College,

James Conlon – Hill Academy / Air Force Commit 21'

“Dan Catzere is a straight shooter.  My son Luke started playing for him in 7th grade.  He was very candid with what were good opportunities for Luke to pursue and what weren't the best use of our time and money. In the end, with the benefit of his coaching both on and off the field, Luke was able to receive an offer from Furman University during his junior year of High School.  We are forever grateful for his help in navigating the process. Thanks Dan!”

Mike Majick

Player: Luke Majick – Forest Hills Central / University of Detroit Mercy

It was a year ago when I got a call from Dan Catzere as I was sitting in Ann Arbor Michigan lacrosse stadium and Dan shared with enthusiasm and excitement I’m starting a new lacrosse program called OMNIA.


So I looked up the definition of OMNIA “completeness, wholeness or all together” to us at OMNIA lacrosse this has been nothing short of being “all together” and pure joy to all of us within the OMINIA lacrosse family.


This is where OMNIA lacrosse shines is in the ability to allow all lacrosse players to develop within an organization where you do feel part of an “all together” club program that feels like a completed family yet allows each individual player to fully develop and complete their individual goals too. 


OMNIA lacrosse has the best of all worlds to offer to lacrosse players and families since they offer a the best lacrosse coaches that truly care and know who to develop lacrosse players at all levels and for all ages.


To this point our son Josh Liike has developed not only as a lacrosse players but as an OMNIA team player with the support of the OMNIA coaching staff and Josh has been offered and has made a verbal commitment to attend UMASS Lowell in the Fall of 2021 to pursue engineering first than to play college D1 lacrosse for the Riverhawks.


OMNIA is the main reason why Josh will be attending UMASS Lowell in the Fall of 2021 as a student/athlete.

Tom Liike

Player: Josh Liike – Detroit Catholic Central/ UMASS Lowell

When Trey told me in 7th grade that his dream was to play college lacrosse, we searched for a program that could lead him on that path. What we didn’t know then was that we would find a lifelong friend, mentor, coach and advisor in Coach Catzere. Because that is what it is all about, right? It’s about the people within the organization: the kids, the parents, the coaches and the leaders. Omnia is the confluence of the best of all of those people. Dan, we can never thank you enough, or recommend you to others higher. You and this organization made Trey’s 7th grade dreams a reality.

Gerald Snodgrass

Player: Trey Snodgrass - Flint Powers/York College

As a former player with 14 years of experience, and a coach with 7 years’ experience, Omnia has exceeded my expectations of developing a culture of team first, hard-work, commitment and community.  They are teachers focused on instilling lacrosse IQ, exercising proper fundamentals, while ensuring the boys are having fun.  From the onset of the first practice, you can tell the coaches care about the individual development of each player.  Practices are fast paced and there is a focus and attention to detail, with one-on-one instruction.  You can feel from the culture that Omnia is committed to developing these boys into young men while preparing them for a lacrosse career in college and beyond.

Eric Janness

Player: Luke Janness (2027) 

Omnia has been just what my son needed to continue growing in the sport of lacrosse. The communication we receive from JD is fantastic. We receive regular updates on practice plans, a summary of weekly events, and a recap of things gone right as well as areas for improvement after each tournament. The pace and energy of the practices is equally impressive. Omnia has an experienced group of coaches that have either recently played or are still playing lacrosse at a high level and can easily relate their experiences to our boys. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to join the team. 

Jeff Gordon

Player: Jeffrey Gordon (2025)

Omnia Lacrosse has been a wonderful experience for our family. The opportunity to work with coaches like JD, Dan, Zach, Cam and so many more has been a game changer for our 13 year old. They challenge the kids each and every practice with highly paced, dynamic drills and activities. We particularly like the accountability the coaches put on the players not just with lacrosse but with school and family life. Goals and expectations were set, they were specific, and the coaches followed up. These guys are always providing positive feedback and are there to answer any questions the kids may have about their game. Our son has only been training with them 8-10 months now and you can see a difference in his game both mentally and physically. We’ve been remarkably impressed and looking forward to future seasons with Omnia Lacrosse. 

Jamie Van Houzen

Player: Nolan Van Houzen (2025)

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