What is Omnia Lacrosse?

Omnia Lacrosse is a player-driven program with a platform for success in youth, middle and high school lacrosse. Training and development will be at the forefront of our mission all while creating ultra competitive teams to take on the nation's best at showcases and tournaments. Omnia’s 2020 program includes Fall, Winter and Summer training while competing at Fall and Summer outdoor events.  Omnia also operates in during the Spring with a 10U & an 8U team.  

Why Omnia?

Omnia is led by Dan Catzere, JD Hess and Zach Palmer. Decades of experience at the highest levels in both coaching and playing gives us a unique experience to provide to our players and parents.

Lacrosse is our passion. Coaching and mentoring youth players is our profession.

Omnia Recruiting

Coach Catzere will serve as the High School director as well as the Omnia

Recruiting Director. Navigating the college process is no easy road and the routes are sometimes a little cloudy. Coach Catzere has a proven track record and exceeds expectations in this area.


Each player and family will receive individual attention to help facilitate the process in this ever-changing field. Ultimately, finding a University or College that fits the player's academic and athletic profile is the goal – we plan together to make that dream into a reality.

What does "Omnia" mean?

By definition, “Omnia” means perfection.


And you may know the saying “Carpe Diem” – "seize the day." To “seize it all,” though, is “Carpe Omnia."

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